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Lease Only Services

This Service is designed for the busy property owner who wants to handle the day-to-day management of his/her property but doesn’t want to deal with showing the unit, collecting applications, screening applications, deciding who will rent the unit and then preparing the legal documents for signatures.

Here’s What You Get with Our Tenant Placement Service:

Marketing Your Home

With the online marketplace changing and updating on a daily basis, we need to do more than just advertise your property. We need to track the results and find out how to reach the best tenants. At Borelli Real Estate Services, we have the resources to do that, and our strategic marketing campaign means a larger pool of tenants and less time waiting for your house to rent.

Screening Your Tenants

Renting your house out to great tenants is an important way to protect the property and increase your ROI. Our screening process starts with our own leasing agents personally showing your properties and creating relationships with prospective tenants.  Once the prospective tenant submits an application we conduct a criminal and credit check. We’ll look for evictions, judgments, and felonies. We’ll talk to employers and verify income. We’ll ask former landlords if any damage was left behind and if they’d rent to tenants again. Our goal is to place tenants who are financially stable, willing to maintain the home, and interested in a long term tenancy.

Lease Signing and Enforcement

Protect your interests. We handle the lease signing, adding any stipulations you might want to include to our California Legal Documents. We then collect the first month’s rent and security deposit, get signatures from the tenants, and then send the documents and collected funds to you.

For honest, proactive, and efficient property management services, call Borelli Real Estate Services at 1-209-485-9273 or  fill out our online form.  We will manage your tenants and protect your investment, saving you money and time.