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Full management services

If you are deciding to rent your home out, or are an investor with multiple properties, consider Borelli Real Estate Services for your full-service property management needs.  Full service property management provides solutions for homeowners, real estate investors, and realtors. Working with us means leaving one of your largest investments in the hands of professionals who care about the value of your home and work to protect it.  We not only do this for a business but many of us at Borelli Real Estate Services have been investing in real estate for years and know that this is an important decision.

With over 20+ years of experience our team excels at placing the best tenants, coordinating maintenance, and making sure rent is received on time. We assist with evictions and provide detailed inspection reports with photos. We operate with transparency and efficiency, and would love the opportunity to become a trusted partner in caring for your property.

Preparing Your Property

Tenant placement starts before the first potential renter comes through the door. Our knowledge of the market will help us price your home correctly. We’ll send our maintenance team into the property to take care of any work that needs to be done before we put your property on the market. And, we’ll make sure your rental stands out among the competition.

Marketing Your Home

With the online marketplace changing and updating on a daily basis, we need to do more than just advertise your property. We need to track the results and find out how to reach the best tenants. At Borelli Real Estate Services, we have the resources to do that, and our strategic marketing campaign means a larger pool of tenants and less time waiting for your house to rent.

Screening Your Tenants

Renting your house out to great tenants is an important way to protect the property and increase your ROI. Our screening process starts with our own leasing agents personally showing your properties and creating relationships with prospective tenants.  Once the prospective tenant submits an application we conduct a criminal and credit check. We’ll look for evictions, judgments, and felonies. We’ll talk to employers and verify income. We’ll ask former landlords if any damage was left behind and if they’d rent to tenants again. Our goal is to place tenants who are financially stable, willing to maintain the home, and interested in a long term tenancy.

No More Maintenance Calls

Maintenance issues and emergencies can arise at all times of the day. A resident can contact the emergency contact number at any time. As soon as a work order is submitted, the property manager works to dispatch one of our in-house maintenance technicians or one of our trusted vendors to resolve the maintenance request. We work with the best vendors in our prospective areas so we can advise you on what quality work is for the best price.  This entire process is of no stress to our clients because we work with the vendors and residents for them.

Many who decide to invest in real estate and become a landlord realize they don’t enjoy it because it takes up too much time.  Let us take care of your property management responsibilities.

Our professional and affordable property management services will give you a greater return on investment while taking less of your time.  We pride ourselves in keeping the properties we manage fully occupied year-round. We hold our team to the highest standard to provide you with fantastic results while being honest and transparent in everything we do. 

For honest, proactive, and efficient property management services, call Borelli Real Estate Services at 1-209-485-9273 or fill out our online form.  We will manage your tenants and protect your investment, saving you money and time.