Borelli Real Estate Services Covid-19 Listing Protocol
For the safety of our sellers, buyers, tenants, and agents, we have developed the next generation listing presentation.

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Borelli Real Estate Services COVID-19 Listing Protocol

For the safety of our sellers, buyers, tenants, and agents, we have developed the next generation listing presentation.

Note: Pre Listing Presentation is so powerful and informative for sellers, we will continue this even after the Coronavirus is just a bad memory. The interview takes 20-30 minutes and sellers can be in different locations. This also allows us to open up our presentation hours to include evening hours.
Next Steps

  • Inspect the property for condition and updates.
  • Create a “to do” list that will maximize value and minimize days on the market.
  • Prepare and send an email of Final Pricing Strategy and Marketing Plan for the home.
  • Set a roll out schedule including:
    • Pictures
    • Launch date
    • Coming soon marketing
    • Final pricing
    • Deliver showing protocol to all agents
  • Do a predictive analysis to target buyers and monitor online reactions of the buyers and Realtors prior to launch.
  • Phase Two: Introduce open houses again with tours in 15 minute increments to allow for a private tour while also practicing social distancing
  • Require all parties to wear gloves, face mask and no shoes
  • Sellers will leave all lights on and interior doors open.
  • Limit showings to 3 visitors at a time. No Children
  • Conduct all conferences, contracts and inspection releases will be reviewed by phone or online via Zoom.
  • Send all documents for signature via Docusign

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Ensuring the safety of our clients and employees is our greatest priority during this time. To combat the spread of COVID-19, our team will be strictly adhering the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and local officials. 

COVID-19 Protocols for Real Estate Services at Borelli Real Estate Services

Updated June 9, 2020 by Borelli Real Estate Services

All Real Estate Agents and Visitors are ASKED TO WEAR MASKS covering their mouth and nose when viewing a property with Borelli Real Estate Services as a courtesy to all parties.

To further prevent the spread of viruses, we recommend sanitizing your hands prior to entering a property and immediately after vacating the property.

Borelli Real Estate Services is providing this COVID-19 Protocols for Real Estate Services to inform you of our measures to address the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic.  As of March 11, 2020 Borelli Real Estate Services had proactively instituted health and safety protocols for the welfare of our clients, property visitors and real estate licensees.

Showing or Viewing a Property

Whether you are a buyer or seller, it is normal real estate practice to have qualified buyers make private showing requests and schedule individual visits to a property for sale.  Borelli Real Estate Services recommends to schedule showings (a.k.a. viewing a property by a qualified buyer) by appointment.

Please review the information below with all parties interacting with real estate:

    • Virtual Tours are available for most properties through Borelli Real Estate Services Visit our website or contact us for the link to view at your pleasure.
    • PEAD Formmust be filled out before any viewing of properties.
    • All parties are asked to wear masks covering their mouth and nose when meeting, showing or viewing a property.  Masks should be used not only as a courtesy to all parties, but also to help prevent the spread of viruses.
    • Greet people with a wave and smile; please do not “shake hands” or “fist bump.”  Observe social distancing with 6 or more feet of separation when walking through a property.
    • If a buyer, seller or occupant of a home or building being sold is sick, do not show or view that property.  Observe 14 day quarantine CDC guidelines and stay away from potentially sick homes.
    • If uncomfortable opening a door, ask your Borelli Real Estate Services Associate to open any doors  for you while observing social distancing and standing 6 feet away.
    • Do not bring food or drinks into a property.
    • Do not congregate at a doorway; give space and observe social distancing .
    • Do not use bathrooms when visiting a property.
    • Refrain from touching the interior of a property as much as possible.
      • For parents of young children, this is particularly important since many children enjoy walking around and touching areas of a house as they explore.  It is important for parents to keep their children close and for children to see parents practicing safe viewing protocols.
      • If children do not need to enter the home, and there are two parents or adult guardians at the property, then each adult may view the property individually, one at a time, and the other can take turns watching and entertaining the children in the exterior yard or family vehicle.  Keeping children safe is a priority.  Children are allowed inside a property with proper adult supervision.
      • Sanitize your hands both prior to entering and leaving a property if possible.
    • Observe Social Distancing, we recommend keeping 6 feet between people viewing a property.
  • When standing outside the property and walking the exterior grounds, maintain 6 feet social distancing.
  • Borelli Real Estate Services is an equal opportunity employer and complies with all Fair Housing Laws.

Scheduling a time to View Homes For Sale or Rent – in person or virtually

For Buyers:  Please let your Borelli Real Estate Services Associate know the properties you’re interested in viewing as well as the days and time that are convenient for you to visit.  Your Borelli Real Estate Services Associate will professionally arrange to show you those available properties.  Virtual showings and live virtual walk-through tours are available upon request.

For Sellers:  You may see an increased demand for private viewing appointments.  This should be expected, and will be normal for the foreseeable future.  Discuss the specific times that are convenient for you to allow your Borelli Real Estate Services Associate to show your property.  We can arrange a showing schedule that works for you, and provide that information to buyers and the buyers’ agents.  If your property is occupied, we recommend only showing your home to prequalified buyers who have a mortgage in place with a local reputable lender.

For Tenants:  Please watch the virtual tour of the property or properties you are interested in.  Then schedule appointments through our website.

Hosting and Attending Open Houses

Open Houses are a convenient way for sellers to expose their home to a greater number of consumers at a specific and predetermined time.  In the past, open houses have been an opportunity to introduce a property to the market, drive higher initial consumer traffic and solicit offers.  Buyers and sellers had become used to scheduling their weekends around the open house schedules advertised by real estate agents.  However, open houses are not necessary to sell a house.

Open Houses have been held during cold and flu seasons in the past.  Most government agencies, Realtor® Associations and health professionals have advised against open houses due to heightened concern over COVID-19.  Having too many people congregate inside rooms and buildings can make it difficult to observe social distancing guidelines.

For our seller clients, we ask that you speak with your professionally trained Borelli Real Estate Services Associate about how to best expose your property to interested buyers.  If an open house is desired, we recommend these minimum protocols are followed:

  1. Sellers should turn all lights on, open all closets’, bedrooms, bathrooms and basement doors so as to reduce a visitor’s need to touch surfaces.
  2. The seller should sanitize the home to the best of their ability prior to the open house.
  3. The open house will be held for several hours, allowing for interested buyers to enter the home on specific intervals in order to reduce the risk of too many people in a property at a given time, and to observe social distancing guidelines.
  4. Each individual group of buyers (including a family or buyers attending with their real estate agent) will have a 20 minute “Scheduled Viewing Time” to view the interior of the home.
  5. Viewing Time appointments should be scheduled with the seller’s agent in advance of the open house by buyers or their agents whenever possible.
  6. Buyers arriving at the open house without a scheduled Viewing Time will be provided an opportunity to schedule an available Viewing Time or schedule a private showing at a time convenient to the buyer and seller.
  7. Only one group will be allowed to enter the property at each 20 minute Viewing Time.
  8. All parties viewing the property are required to wear face masks and observe social distancing guidelines.
  9. Parties waiting to enter the home will be allowed to view the exterior of the property.


When is the best time to list your property for sale?

With over 20 years of experience in real estate and having navigated several tragic economic events following the 9/11 attacks on our nation and the catastrophic Great Recession, Borelli Real Estate Services is your best guide to listing your home for sale.  In time of need and crisis, EXPERIENCE MATTERS.

Borelli Real Estate Services has sensible and time tested business systems.  Our professional real estate practices allow our sellers the confidence to make the best decisions with their important sale.  We’ll help you determine the best time and overall sales plan to maximize your real estate opportunities.  Your real estate move plan supported by our team of experts.

Based on current market conditions, we believe that listing your real estate for sale now presents a unique and good opportunity to showcase your property to interested buyers.  Financially preapproved buyers taking advantage of historically low mortgage interest rates and are ready to transact now.  With limited inventory of properties for sale, listing now will make your property STAND OUT.

Will my house sell if I choose not to have an open house?

The short answer is “YES.”  When you prepare your home in the way recommended by your Borelli Real Estate Services, we will advertise and expose your home to all buyers who are looking to purchase in your community and price range.  We will schedule individual showings with interested and prequalified buyers on a one to one basis.  This still provides great access to your property and allows buyers to view and submit offers in a normal and consistent process that has been traditionally used by Borelli Real Estate Services.   All offers and contracts are signed using Electronic Signature Software provided by Borelli Real Estate Services for your further safety.

We are not health experts, but we are marketing experts.  Selling your property now may provide you with a great opportunity to attract interested buyers during a market with less competition.  This makes your property STAND OUT, and can possibly earn you a higher overall sale price.

Whether selling or buying, trust the real estate experts at Borelli Real Estate Services to make your real estate transaction a well managed process and experience.

Health Guidance Information


Federal & State Government advises to Limit Gatherings:  In accordance with guidelines to limit people gathering in groups, and to comply with “social distancing” requests by our government, Borelli Real Estate Services Protocols advise all real estate professionals, clients and consumers to schedule individual showing appointments to visit a property with their Borelli Real Estate Services Associate.  VIRTUAL SHOWINGS are recommended for all parties who may be sick, show any signs of illness, or prefer not to personally visit a property.

Where our policies may become outdated or in conflict with new or updated government response and guidance for the health and safety of the general public, Borelli Real Estate Services advise all clients, consumers and real estate licensees to follow government guidelines.  Borelli Real Estate Services may update or amend our COVID-19 Protocols from time to time to comply with best practices, industry and REALTOR Association guidelines, government regulations or guidelines, and recommendations from health experts including The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).